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Bawumia Owes Nobody An Explanation On "Ramatu" Even If...- Vim Lady

Bawumia Owes Nobody An Explanation On "Ramatu" Even If...- Vim Lady

Broadcast Journalist Afia Pokuaa has said Vice President Bawumia owes nobody an explanation on who Ramatu is even if there is a Ramatu he is involved with.

According to her, the Vice President is a muslim and the religion allows for men to marry three women if they can take care of them so there is no way having a second wife will taint the chances of the Vice President to lead this country.

Her statement comes after the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon Alban Bagbin on two National Events raised the issue of Ramatu as someone the Vice President is involved with aside his wife Samira.

"You are a Muslim so I don’t understand you. Because you are a Muslim and you are entitled to as many wives as you want. Even Christians in Ghana now get married to three, four or five women and also keep concubines," Vim Lady said.

"So Bawumia if there is a Ramatu show your face and show us that Ramatu…If there is any Ramatu that you are enjoying, enjoy her as long as there is no breach of contract enjoy it. If there is a breach of contract like what happened to the other guy and the documents come out, we will read the divorce petition," she said on Accra-based Okay FM’s Egyaso Gyaso..

At the recent State of the Nations address, the Speaker of Parliament made mention of Ramatu with the NDC Members of Parliament demanding that “we want Ramatu” instead of Samira Bawumia.

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